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"You're amazing, who are you?" Neverscast six is here!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

An examination "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

NeversCast Podcast number six is a boisterous examination of one of Joss Whedon's and Firefly’s finest episodes, “Our Mrs. Reynolds”. Heather, Jackie, Josh and our favorite person, Taheg, who guests from The Nevers Podcast, talk gender politics, mansplaining, space feminism, sexual taboos, thievery as a profession, seduction as a weapon and the incredible power of Christina Hendricks’ boobs. They also visit a couple of rabbit holes concerning food and and anime that Josh wouldn’t let Heather cut. Listen up here.

Show Resources:

The Nevers set wardrobe

Fail Harder podcast with Anne Skelly

Matt Sprake set image 1

Matt Sprake set image 2

Missing Scene with River

Heather Horton Painting shot by Joss

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